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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Silent run

This script allows you too walk silently. Its faster than +speed, but silent too.
Binds : I = enables and disables your Silent Walk. Copy all to config.cfg
have Fun

Alias w "wait"
alias w5 "w;w;w;w;w"
alias w15 "w5; w5; w5"
alias w20 "w15; w5"
alias w30 "w15;w15"
alias @slntwlk "special; w30; +duck; w20; -duck"
alias +slntwlk "alias _special @slntwlk; @slntwlk"
alias -slntwlk "alias _special"
alias +silent "+forward; +slntwlk"
alias -silent "-forward; -slntwlk"
alias selif "selifon"
alias selifon "bind w +silent; alias selif selifof"
alias selifof "bind w +forward; alias selif selifon"
bind YOUR BIND KEY selif

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