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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Make Sprays

You're going to need a program to create the spray decal (wad file), there are serveral programs to convert an image to a decal. In this guide we're going to use Decal Converter. We recommend you use Decal Coverter because it is simple to use. So go ahead and download it.

With Decal Converter open, click File on the top left corner and select open. Browse and open the image you want to convert, Below is what it looks like so far.

If you want make the spray transparent change the background color to blue in paint or any image editor becouse sometimes the replace options dont work.

Now we we're ready to convert the image to a decal, Click Decal on the top of the window and select Make Decal. For easy accessibility, click Modify then select your desktop or create a special folder for yours sprays and every spray that you make give it a nick for example DRAGONtempdecal.wad .This makes it easier for you to find the converted decals.

After you select OK find your spray called PLDECAL.WAD, if you have steam version remae it to tempdecal.wad, make the file Read-Only - to do this right click tempdecal and select properties then select the Read-only checkbox and click OK. Should see something like this.

Now go to:

For steam
C:\Program files\Steam\steamapps\[your account]\counter-strike\cstrike

C:\Program files\Counter-Strike 1.6\cstrike

Delete the pldecal.wad or tempdecal.wad that is there and replace with the new spray, after launch CS and join a server, press T button to see your spray.

*Note: please ready carifully the instructions, any problem Post it!

If you want prefabricated sprays go to sprays section

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